Your root is where you exist, your core and therefore for each unique. This tone, mood or vibration is switched at birth and actually set the schedule and course of your life.

In principle, the day on which the eyes are closed permanently for the present life, where they can be identified. The corridor and the course of your life is found in the well-known proverb: "The concert of life nobody gets a Program. The big problem is that many people (literally) falling out of their tone and thereby lose their program or road. For this wayward, prying souls Mantra a fascinating method to restore contact with their origin, to be who they are, to stay true to himself and not to fall more out of tune.

All that exists, big and small, visible and invisible, vibrates at a certain frequency. According to many creation stories, the whole creation, hence forth man of sound. This principle corresponds to the astrological principle of the radix (root) horoscope where the time and place of birth determines one's life. Who looks into his horoscope can unlock its true potential and fulfill his destiny. But fortunately there are more roads lead to Rome and you can achieve this with mantras. What the radix in astrology is singing the keynote in the mantra. Whoever manages to strike this tone or soul sound, has mastery over and let us hear the same sound in heaven and on earth

As with all the arts lies the art of chanting in the refinement. By chanting while listening to the sound you make, is the dualism of paid separable, ing between yourself and the world, away. Sound is therefore one of the most effective means to eliminate the separation again. By repeatedly recite a particular mantra, your voice gradually all layers of consciousness to one another and you can focus up the tone from the abdomen so you eventually can again hear the root of your soul, or rather experienced. If you are in complete resonance with your soul, you have achieved mastery and can create in unity with the Creator conscious and heal. Through the voice you can so sing to the sky to unite with the soul, then you have a new 'heavenly' sound can sound not only yourself, but also transforms your environment and subtly nothing less than the world .