The word chakra means wheel or circle and comes from Sanskrit. Chakras are energy centers in the human mind and body. Each chakra radiates through the body and has a specific influence on certain organ functions. The chakras transform the cosmic life energy that is present in every human being. All chakras are associated with colors, smells, symbols, mantras and elements.

First chakra is the root chakra / Muladhara:

Red color, scent of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, mantra LAM. It is the chakra that you are connected to the earth (underground rooms) and the physical world.


Second chakra is the Sacral Chakra / Swadhishthana:

Orange color, smell cedar, fir and rosemary, mantra is VAM. It is the chakra that connects you with your emotions and acceptance of your own body.


Third chakra is the Solar Plexus / Manipura:

Yellow color, smell bergamot, lemon and grapefruit, mantra is RAM. It is the chakra that connects you with your Ego, it is the most important energy center in your body.


Fourth chakra is the heart chakra / Anahata:

Color green / pink, smell lavandinl, orange and mandarin, mantra YAM. It is the link between your chakras two body halves.


Fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra / Vishudda:

Blue color, smell Moroccan rose and chamomile, mantra is HAM. It is the chakra of communication.


Sixth chakra is the Forehead Chakra / Ajna:

Color purple, smell lavender, chamomile and silver fir, mantra KSHAM. It is the chakra of connection with your intuition and imagination.


Seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra / Sahasrara:

Violet and white color, smell patchouli, labdanum and frankincense, mantra is OM. It is the chakra that connects you with your consciousness and being one with the universe.